Alphabet Learning Game

What you Need for this Alphabet Learning Activity:

  • Blank cards or styrofoam dinner plates – you want these to be sturdy and durable to last for use in other teaching activities.
  • Thick Black permanent marker for printing letters on each card.
  • Sticky tack, scotch tape or masking tape

What to do for this Alphabet Game for Kids:

  • Get 26 different cards – you can buy blank cards or make your own cards from bristol board. Styrofoam disposable dinner plates would work good for this purpose as well.
  • On each card or plate print a large letter of the alphabet. Make sure that each card or plate has just one Alphabet letter on it. All of the cards or plates when put together should make up the entire alphabet with all 26 letters (english alphabet).
  • Give each child or preschooler a card and any left overs could just stay in a pile.
  • Starting with the letter A – Ask the children to look at their letter on their card and whoever has the letter A to bring it up to the front of the class or up to you the teacher.
  • You will get children who get this wrong. Just have them take their seat and have them keep their letter card until it is there time to bring it up.
  • When the right letter card is brought upto you have the child present you the letter card, for example letter A & ask them and the rest of the children idf they can think of anything that starts with that letter. Or, to make it educational in a couple of different ways , ask them to think of a type of ‘food’ that starts with that letter. Or ask them to think of a place that starts with that letter. Keep it interesting.
  • When you come up with a few names that start with that particular letter of the alphabet then you can take the alphabet card or plate and tape it or sticky tack it to the wall in the proper order. Eventually you will have ALL the alphabet letters on the wall for the whole preschool class to see.

Let your kids join Teddies Nursery & Day Care to enjoy many more fun games that prepare our angels for school and also help them express themselves.
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